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The Intergreen partners in Skopje

On January 11 and 12, 2023, the first transnational meeting of the Intergreen partners has been organized in Skopje, North Macedonia and on Zoom.

The meeting was entirely focused on the envisioned training program which project partners will develop during 2023, and based on which, in 2024 will organize a series of training and networking activities for a minimum of 48 employees in 6 targeted municipalities - one in France, in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and North Macedonia. Apart from this, at the meeting, partners have discussed and have finalized the online questionnaire for Training Needs Assessment which during the following weeks will be distributed to a number of employees from different municipal departments in the targeted municipalities, and also have been discussing the opportunities for engaging experts for the training, for the envisioned board game and the online course.

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