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Module 4 – Peer-to-peer training

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The aim of Module 4 is to train participants to develop skills for sharing and transferring their knowledge to their colleagues and agents in other municipalities. Indeed, the sustainable development skills and knowledge developed by participants throughout the previous training modules take on their full meaning if relayed to as many people as possible. Whether it's by organizing full-day or half-day workshops, presenting case studies, demonstrating the tabletop game or promoting the course online, there are many ways to do this within your professional circle. This learning technique is known as peer-to-peer training, and is widely used in professional environments. Together, we'll look at the advantages of this technique, as well as the different formats available. We'll also look at the process of setting up a peer training program in a workplace, specifically that of a municipality. Finally, as this is the last module, we'll take the opportunity to discuss the various techniques and tools used throughout the training, including those mentioned above, which can be useful in knowledge sharing.

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